Separation and divorce
  • We regularly assist people who are considering or have separated and need answers to their questions so that they can consider their options and make informed decisions
Parenting arrangements
  • Making decisions that are in your children's best interests are often difficult in the context of a separation especially where effective communication with the other parent can often be challenging.  We have helped thousands of parents and their families make decisions in relation to the care of their children including where they will live, the time they will spend with each parent, schooling, travel interstate and overseas, health and well being, communication and protecting children from harm.
  • We have positive working relationships with councillors, psychologists and psychiatrists to help you achieve the best possible legal and personal outcome.
Financial settlements
  • It is important when negotiating financial matters that you have the right advice and are able to make informed decisions.  We work with professional including valuers, financial planners, accountants and taxation specialists, if required, to assist you to finalise your settlement as quickly and as effectively as possible.
De facto relationships and same sex relationships
  • If you are in a de facto relationship we can assist you with respect to both parenting and financial matters in the same as outlined for our children and financial settlements above.
  • Often a parent may wish to relocate to a different place.  This may be intrastate, interstate or overseas.  In such circumstances there will be an impact upon the time that the children spend with the other parent.  In such situations it is often difficult to balance the needs of the parent to move and those of the children to spend time with their parents and often extended family.
Child support
  • Most parents will navigate the issue of financial support for the children by using the Department of Human Services.  However, the child support system is complicated as it uses a complex formula to calculate child support.  In addition the formula often does not reflect the needs of an individual family such as high income families or families where the children have special needs.  
  • We can advise you as to your options regarding child support which may include a private agreement.
Second opinions
  • If you are unsure as to the way your case is progressing or simply need the comfort of a second opinion we have often been approached to assist.  We will listen to your concerns and review your case to provide sensible, realistic and appropriate advice.
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